Compress your pictures in just a few seconds

up to 90%, preserving the original visual quality.


Simple. Fast. Effective.

Save a lot of space on your hard drive and quickly upload your pictures for your friends.
Make sure your website is optimized to avoid prolonged loading times for your visitors.

Save space
If you have a lot of pictures in your hard drive, maybe it's time to compress them. You can save a lot of space by just putting all these pictures on Caesium and let it do his job. Caesium works great with high resolution photos from cameras.
Load faster
If you are a webmaster or a blogger, you will probably upload a lot of pictures. And what about your visitors? If your pictures are not optimized, their loading time will be very long and they will just go away. Let Caesium compress them!
Send quickly
Sending your holiday photos by mail could be very slow if they are not optimized. You can save up to 90% of your time by just compressing them with Caesium. This also applies for Facebook, Google+ and other social networks or platforms.
Features you need.
Compress up to 90%
Caesium can reduce the size of your pictures up to 90% without changing the file format and without requiring additional softwares for opening them. This process preserves the original visual quality.
Batch processing
Compress hundreds photos at the same time. You can set different compression levels for each one, according to your needs. You can also keep the original directory structure, useful for webmasters.
Instant preview
Before compressing, you can check the result in a easy two-panel view for each picture and judge Caesium's work by yourself. If the result is satisfying you'll just have to click on the compress button to go with the desired settings.
Compressing isn't enough? You can also resize your pictures in a fixed or percentage size. This will shrink your photos even more and will be useful when you must upload smaller pictures.
Extra features
Caesium comes with subfolder and structure support, a fully customizable suffix for compressed file, custom output folder, user profiles and a wide range of language supported. These are just a few extra features you'll find.
Completely free
Caesium is free. I mean, completely. You can download it, use it - even in your business - and browse the source code available online. You won't pay anything for it and you'll have full features access.

What users say

"Very good software, I tried several images and I could not tell the quality difference although the size was substantially reduced. 5/5"


"Have been using this regularly since I got this. Convenient and easy to use. Thank you."


Get Caesium
There is a version for every need.
If you don't know what to download, this is the version for you.
It will install Caesium on your system with an easy setup wizard.
Version 1.7.0
File .exe
Type Windows Installer
Download 1 Download 2
This version does not require any installation process.
Keep it on an USB stick and bring Caesium wherever you like.
Version 1.7.0
File .zip
Type Windows Portable
Download 1 Download 2
Source Code
Are you some kind of nerdy guy and what to see the source code?
In this package you can see Caesium heart and soul.
Version 1.7.0
File .zip
Type Compilable source
Download 1

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